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The NGO Projeto Bagagem popped out of the spontaneous initiative of the faculty friends Cecília Zanotti and Mônica Barroso to organize trips among the amazonian riverside communities, in 2002. After some opportunities to experiment the life there, the delight of their lifestyle simplicity and the exuberant nature of the region, Cecília and Mônica wondered why community based tourism wasn’t more used in our country, since this activity provided a unique life experience for the tourist and a sustainable income generation for locals.

With the mission to bring sustainable development to communities through tourism, the NGO realized a lot of experience travels during the last twelve years. Projeto Bagagem also carried out several projects that are worth being highlighted : formation in Communitarian Tourism in Juréia, Santos and among the network Cananéia (São Paulo state) and Instituto Rosa and Sertão (Minas Gerais state), Desenvolvimento do Grãos de Luz e Griô Project (Bahia state) and Communitarian Tourism as an alternative income generation for the Caiçara communities in the island of Araújo and in Trindade (Turismo Comunitário como Alternativa de Geração de Renda para as Comunidades Caiçaras da Ilha do Araújo e Trindade) in Paraty (Rio de Janeiro state).

Learn more about the Semeando o Turismo Comunitário pelo Brasil publication that sum up this story.

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